Go Green Together is a non-profit corporation in the public interest with a mission to deliver energy, water and resource efficiency to households, businesses and institutions in Northumberland County to reduce greenhouse gases.

Our objective is to break down the barriers preventing the efficient use of electricity, fuels, water, and post consumer materials. Our vision is to organize the delivery of resource conserving services and technologies, cost-effectively, to get the maximum return from the customer’s investment at the lowest possible cost.

We will look for utility and local government partners willing to set up a payment plan that recoups the cost of the retrofits through energy savings, government rebates, and incentives enhancing the smooth delivery of services without a significant upfront cost to the customer.

The demand for our services is untapped. A significant segment of the public does not have the time, money, skills, knowledge or interest in doing energy and resource conservation retrofits for themselves or investigating alternative transportation options. In return we will be creating well-paying, skilled green jobs within our organization and partnering organizations within Northumberland. Our business is to make it easy and affordable to have households, places of business, and community facilities retrofitted to return financial savings to the client and environmental benefits to us all.

In a nutshell, Go Green Together has a triple bottom line; we will protect the environment for future generations to enjoy and create new jobs in the green economy while we save money for residents, businesses and community institutions.

Green Organizations:

  •  Scooteretti – Electric scooters, Electric bikes retailer in Canada.
  • Atlantic Packaging – From corrugated packaging, flexible packaging, retail displays, pre-print, supply and inventory management, paper mills and recycling, Atlantic is strategically positioned to provide customers with a total packaging solution.  Learn more…
    • Tense Watches – High quality wooden watches made from 100% recycled or reclaimed wood





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