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Start: Sep 11 2010
Sustainable Cobourg and Go Green Together will be holding its 2nd Annual Bike for the Planet event on Saturday, September 11, 10:00 AM, starting at the Bandshell in Victoria Park in Cobourg. The event is being organized to raise awareness of the benefits of cycling. The ride will celebrate recent road improvements which make cycling safer and more enjoyable, as well as propose further changes which could be made.

“This our second annual ride. We hope to more than double the number attending this year to 200 riders. More and more people in Cobourg and Northumberland County are biking. It’s also becoming a real tourist attraction. With the Bike for the Planet ride we want to celebrate this progress,” says Sustainable Cobourg President Rick Nonnekes.

“Biking is fun and healthy. We want to make it as safe as possible so that more people will take up biking as a regular activity—shopping, errands, biking to work, whatever. During our Bike for the Planet ride we will identify the progress and improvements that have been made since last year, and we will highlight the additional work needed to improve cycling safety and enjoyment in Cobourg, “ says Bicycle Action Committee Chair Randy Albon.

The 2-hour 13K Bike for the Plant ride will include participation by Northumberland Hills Hospital CEO Robert Biron and Cobourg Police Chief Paul Sweet. The stops on the ride will look at recent improvements to biking and will consider other possible additional improvements as part of contemplated future road construction.

“We want Cobourg to become one of the best cycling towns in Canada. And we can do it,” says Cobourg cycling activist Stewart Richardson.


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