Welcome to the Go Green Together website!


Welcome to Go Green Together!

A message from Judy Smith Torrie, Executive Director

We are here to help you save money, energy and conserve our precious resources at home, on the job, in your business or in your school.  Our goal is to advance Northumberland the most environmentally progressive county in Ontario.

If you are doing a renovation, we will show you how to get rebates on your expenditures. If you want to save money at your business, plant, home or building we can help you find our what you could do and what the payback will be from saving electricity, natural gas and water and making your building more comfortable and less drafty through insulating, caulking, green roofs and renewable energy technologies.

We are committed to a walkable, bike and transit friendly community and we will work through our projects to make it happen.  At the same time, we will raise awareness of the benefits of green community infrastructure such as bicycle paths and bike lanes to make it safer for you to travel without using your car.

The Go Green Centre will promote resource conservation by various programs to reduce waste and encourage reuse, re-purposing of existing materials and recycling.

Life is good!  Let us help you make it more environmentally friendly now and more sustainable for future generations who will live in this wonderful town.

Best wishes,



Please browse this website for information on The Go Green Together Centre, which will be opening soon in the Lakefront Utilities building in Cobourg. The Go Green Together Centre will provide a one-stop resource for local residents, homeowners, and businesses desiring to reduce their energy consumption to save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Go Green Centre receives support from the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Lakefront Utility Services of Cobourg.

In addition to the storefront resource centre, Go Green Together is planning several initiatives to engage the community and promote strategies to help Cobourg meet its emissions reduction targets as set out in the town's Climate Action Plan. We will be offering consulting services to individuals and businesses, sponsoring events and contests, and generally making ourselves available to anyone who has questions or is looking for more information.

The Go Green Together website will be updated regularly so come back often for the latest developments and news of upcoming events.